"Welcome to the estate Viellot. As the new lady of the house it falls to you to make sure this house is the social center for the upper class. See to it that the nobility, artists, philosophs and rich merchants are pleased to be your guests. Every evening the saloons should be filled with illustrous company, with you as their shining hostess." - Adelhaid, Haushälterin des Anwesens Viellot  

It is April 1560 and you just moved into the beautiful estate Viellot. Time to impress the elegant neighborhood with fine soirees and summer parties. But with close friendships, complicated family relationships on one side and old feuds, past love affairs and broken business relationships on the other hand, just putting together the guest list proves to be difficult. Let alone the seating plan..

Universe    Historical - Europe during the renaissance
Status of developement    Design and implementierung of the UI
Target platform    Mobile devices - iOS and Android
Release planning  

Early 2020