Neozoa Entertainment has its roots in Science and I want to use that Science to bring entertainment into your life! My apps can leverage algorithms from the different sciences, algorithms that really are more than just big words. Be it Operations Research (which is basically mathematical optimization for economical problems), algorithmic geometry or data science - they all provide wonderfully interesting and playful problems to implement as a game as well as efficient solution algorithms for a variety of problems that one encounters in the background magic of games. And they are all there for the taking...

All games of Neozoa Entertainment will (now and in the future) take place in one out of three game worlds: Science Fiction, post-apocalyptic world, or the historical setting (Europe and Americas, 12th to 17th century). Within each setting these worlds are consistent, so you can enjoy the same world and the same time line in different games. Which is perfect to really immerse into the world, find favorite characters and meet them again and again, and altogether just feel right at home.

Neozoa Entertainment builds apps and games from a gamer for everybody. It's from a gamer, so there's no pay-to-win, no in-game currencies linked to real money or anything the like. The only in-app purchases included are game extensions, additional storylines  and other downloadable content packages. But it's also for everybody, people that identify as gamers and people that don't (yet). So you will be able to get helpers in-game, for example if a puzzle turns out to be too hard - but you earn those helpers in the respective games by solving quests or you pay them with the in-game money you have earned beforehand by playing.
I'm a woman of principles and I'm not ready to give that up to be an entrepreneur. And I don't think I have to, because that's how you build trust. So I'm doing my best to follow my moral compass in questions like data collection and usage or in making sure people play, but play sensibly and don't overstretch their wallets.