Neozoa Games has a lot planned for you in the near and far future, so stick with us! There will be further engaging mobile device games (the next pne being Renaissance Party), as well as extensions for Puzzle Port (additional storylines and also some content extensions). In the long run extending the repertoire to computer and console games is planned - with "The Fechtschul" this might happen as early as Winter 2020.

Also regarding story we have a lot planned for you - the introduction of the other settings (a Science Fiction setting, that's already announced for Puzzle Port as well as a postapocalyptic setting) and further deepening the already existing settings in the games that are already out there or yet to come. Meet known characters again and follow their development across games!

Yes, we sure are and I'd love to meet you there! This year Neozoa Games focused on business conventions, but in the (near) future we plan to attend other conventions as well. Just follow us on a social media of your choice and you'll be the first to know!

Yes, Neozoa Games has some roots in Hamburg, as I (and thereby the whole Team) have roots in Hamburg. I studied at the University of Hamburg (mein doctorial studies), as did my parents bevor me. My family is originally from Northern Germany, most (including myself on a part-time basis) live in Hamburg (or further North). 

Yes, all mobile device games (smartphone / tablet) games are planned to be released for iOS (for iPhone and iPad) as well. The work on the iOS version of Puzzle Port has already started, but due to technical difficulties I cannot commit to a release date.